This is Why We Do This


I have been asked many times since we began The Finity Project, why I am doing these physically taxing challenges, and where I draw my strength from to keep going when I am, as I say “out of spoons.” (Please see The Spoon Theory to best understand my energy levels :p)

We received the email below and it is an example of the responses we get to this project on a daily basis. And it is why I get out of bed in the morning.

“MS got me a little later in life, in December 2011, soon after I turned 40.

I was not taking the diagnosis very well initially, especially when doing

research on the internet. When I found your story, it brought me to

tears. It is so inspiring, even to a middle-aged man in Oklahoma, USA.

You two girls are amazing and I hope The Finity Project continues to grow.

Don’t ever quit!

My finity right now is getting as healthy as I can. I am married with

three young children and would like to be an active part of their lives for

as long as possible. We have all started exercising together and eating a

healthier diet. We started running 5k charity runs together and I even

completed the entire OK MS Bike 150 in September.

I get the usual "at least its not cancer” quote from everyone, but an MS

diagnosis will still make you change your priorities in life. Maybe

eventually I will try something bigger, but right now all I can do is try

to be a strong, positive role model for my family. It isn’t always easy,

but if MS is going to stop me, I’m going to fight it all the way!“ -Marc

I keep finding my finity, every single day because of this.

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